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Diners Club Card for the first time was used on 8th February, 1949 by Ralph Schneider, Matty Simmons and Frank McNamara and their first transaction took place at the Major Cabin's Grill. They together constituted this Diners Club and the card was actually meant for use in restaurants for paying bills instead of carrying cash. The idea of inventing this card struck Frank McNamara when he realized that he had insufficient cash after having dinner at restaurant. It was used as charge cards and not credit cards. This club focused on the card market which is commonly known as Travel or Entertainment or T&E market.

Diners club was overtaken by Citibank in 1981 and they are now the owners of the trademark of this club. There are several franchisees of this renowned club who continue to carry on the business independently. Being charge card in nature, it functions differently from other cards. This card is exclusive and so the customers seeking this card needed to show their income proof along with other details. After this card application receives approval, customers can purchase either online or from direct sale. This card also possesses credit limit and the customers can choose this limit as per their convenience. While making online payment, cardholders need to furnish all details with respect to their Diners Club membership.

After this process is over, both the club and the cardholder enter an agreement by which cardholder becomes obliged to repay to the club the whole purchasing amount. After a period of one month ends, cardholders are presented with the bill stating the amount that has been spent on the club. These cards are accepted almost in more than eight million club outlets, both offline and online and even in diners casinos. This card has number of rewards and it permits the entry into several exclusive restaurants, clubs, lounges located anywhere in the world.