Four Free Tips for Winning at Blackjack

There are plenty of books and internet articles that promise blackjack greatness, but these can be expensive and ineffective. The following four free tips are guaranteed to help players enjoy the sense of success that comes from winning money at blackjack.

Tip #1 - Doubling Down

While doubling down is usually recommended when the dealer is holding a low card and the player is holding a 10, it should never happen when the player is holding an eight, nine or 10 and the dealer is holding a two. This is because the dealer's mathematical odds of busting are actually very low and the dealer has a better chance of pulling a higher total.

Tip #2 - Insurance

Blackjack insurance is almost always offered to a player when the dealer has an Ace for his or her up-card. An insurance bet pays out two to one if the dealer does, in fact, have a blackjack. However, this is usually considered a sucker bet and should never be used unless the player is holding a 20 or 21; this way, the strength of the hand is protected in either case.

Tip #3 - Hitting on 16

There are a number of players that will tell others to stand on 16, but it really depends on what the dealer pulls. The odds of getting a low card when holding a 16 are slim, but only if the player cannot remember the cards that have already been discarded. In most situations, hitting on 16 has the same probability of winning as standing on 16.

Tip #4 - Splitting

Splitting is a great tactic in certain situations, but players should never split their hands more than once. If a player loses both hands after a split, they lose quite a bit of money since a new bet must be placed on every split hand. Splitting three or more times where allowed is even riskier and completely unnecessary.

These blackjack tips will definitely help players win more frequently when it comes to blackjack, regardless of the player's skill level. They are also completely free to use and share with friends and family members.